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Free Gift (to Irisong Valued Customers only)

Free Dog Year gift

From Jan.1, 2018 ( New Year's Day ) to Feb.16, 2018 (Chinese New Year, Year of the Dog), order any Irisong product value more than USD1000.00 can get one FREE Irisong papercut booklet with 8 designs of Dog.
Free Rooster Year gift

Free Period: Jan.1, 2017 - Jan.28, 2017
Free Monkey Year gift

Free Period:  Jan.1, 2016 - Feb.8, 2016
Free Goat Year gift

Free Period: Jan.1, 2015 - Feb.19, 2015
Free Horse Year gift
Free Period: Jan.1, 2014 - Jan. 31, 2014
Free Snake Year gift
Free Period: Jan.1, 2013 - Feb.10, 2013
Free Dragon Year gift
Free Period: Jan.1, 2012  - Jan.23, 2012.
International Biodiversity Day
Free Period: May 17, 2011 - May 22, 2011.
Free Rabbit Year gift
Free Period: Jan.1, 2011 - Feb.3, 2011
Free Tiger Year gift
Free Period:   Jan 1, 2010 - Feb 14, 2010
Free Christmas gift
Free Period:   Nov.18, 2009 - Dec.25, 2009
Free paper cut for China National Day
Free Period:   Sep.26, 2009 - Oct.1, 2009
Free Period:  July 16, 2009 - July 26, 2009

Free Samples

Ziplock bag Free samples

Commodity Name Material Irisong Item No. Bag size: mm Photo Free Period
LDPE ziplock bag LDPE ZBP26827950 268 279 Feb.20, 2016 -  Dec. 30, 2016
PP Zipper bag PP PPZBPI22031060 220 310
Ziplock bag with diecut handle LDPE PEBP370360-W 370 360+50
Slider zipper bag LDPE ZBSP335230100 335 230
Laminated zipper bag, Metalized zipper bag PP/VMPET/PE PP/VMPET/PE22031090 220 310

Irisong Item No. Ziplock Bag Size: mm Description Free Period
ZB252550 25 25
Ziplock bags, colored
Apr. 27, 2013 -  Dec. 30, 2013

Oct.19, 2011 -  Dec. 30, 2011

ZB508050 50 80
ZB8012050 80 120
ZB10015050 100 150
ZB12020050 120 200
ZB14018050 140 180
Ziplock bags, transparent
ZB15025050 150 250
ZB18025050 180 250
ZB20020050 200 200
ZB23032050 230 320

Irisong Item No. Ziplock Bag Size: mm Applications Free Period
A4 220 x 310, 234 x 336 Documents, illustration, catalogue, shirt, bath  towel, etc. Apr. 27, 2013 -  Dec. 30, 2013

Oct.19, 2011 -  Dec. 30, 2011

A3 330 x 450 Sweater, trousers, bath towel, etc.
B6 132 x 198 Wet towel, socks, notepad, scrubbing articles, etc.
ZB4060 40 x 60 Small ornaments, jewelry, button, tablet, etc.
Gallon Bag, colored 268 x 279 (10 9/16" x 11") Storage bag, freezer bag
Quart Bag 178 x 203 (7" x 8") Storage bag, freezer bag
Sandwich Bag 165 x 149 (6 1/2" x 5 7/8") Sandwich Bag, Ideal for snacks
Slider Zipper Bag 230 x 100 Documents, illustration, catalogue, booklets, etc.

Stock ziplock bags

Polyester bag Free samples

Irisong Item No. Polyester Bag Description Picture Free Period
PFSB4439-1/8 Polyester bag for girl, 44X39cm Oct.20, 2011 -  Dec. 30, 2011
PFSB4439-28/34 Polyester bag with square pouch, 44X39cm
PFSB3743-2/10 Polyester reusable bag,  37X43cm

Stock Polyester bags

OPP bag Free samples

Irisong Item No. OPP Bag Size (width x length): mm Description Free Period
OPPBF3520028 35x200+30
OPP bag with adhesive tape on flap, clear
Oct.19, 2011 -  Dec. 30, 2011
OPPBF6013028 60x130+30
OPPBF10015028 100x150+30
OPPBF406037 40x60+30(lip)
OPPBF12018037 120x180+30(lip)
OPPB18025032 180x250 Flat OPP bag, clear
OPPBH851404037 85x140+40(header)+30(lip) Clear OPP bag with euro hole on the reinforced header, self seal flap at the bottom
OPPBR281472838 28x147+28(header)+24(lip) Clear OPP bag with pearlized OPP film as reinforcement in the bag and header, round hanging hole, self seal flap at the bottom
OPPB6019040(G) 60x40(G)x190 Heat-sealable OPP bag with gusset, rectangle bottom

Stock OPP bags

Nonwoven bag Free samples

Irisong Item No.

Color Nonwoven Lunch Bag  Description Free Period
NBS1822R14 Dark pink

Nonwoven lunch bag, Irisong Code: NBS1822, Bag size: 18x10x22cm
Have a look at Irisong free nonwoven lunch bag samples.
Each Irisong customer (company) can apply for only one free bag.

Oct.19, 2011 -  Dec. 30, 2011
NBS1822Y15 Orange
NBS1822R22 Light purple
NBS1822R16 Purple
NBS1822R07 Maroon
NBS1822Z01 Coffee
NBS1822R04 Light pink
NBS1822L14 Bright blue
NBS1822H23 Dark olive green
NBS1822H13 Grey
NBS1822Y19 Yellow
NBS1822G16 Teal
NBS1822G09-2 Aquamarine
NBS1822G09-1 Lime green
More Total 32 colors including above-mentioned

Stock nonwoven bags

NOTICE (Irisong Free samples FAQ)

1)Who can get Irisong free sample?
***Irisong current valued customer (company) who ask for free sample
***Irisong new customer (company) after evaluation, have order intended for Irisong, and ask for free sample
2)Sample bags are free, but postage or freight should be paid by applicant / receiver unless you are current Irisong valued customers
3)Further details and free sample availability please contact Irisong

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